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    The Most Famous Carpets in the World

    The Most Famous Carpets in the World

    The Most Famous Carpets in the World

    Briefly introducing Pazyryk rug, now we are going to talk about it more as the most famous rug in the world.

    This rug was discovered in 1949 by Russian archeologist, professor Rudenko, which was originally used as horse cover. It was found in the ice-covered tombs of Scythian Bedouins area which is called Pazyryk. This carpet dates back to 2500 years ago and is engraved by walking men who are walking beside their horses and there are winged creatures, the marginal images of which are undoubtedly very similar to the common shapes of the Achaemenid period andPersepolis motifs. In the middle there are four-bladed stars similar to the shapes reflected on discovered objects in Lorestan in this epoch.

    Pundits also believe that weaving such a rug requires a strong cultural and artistic background at least for several centuriesand indicates that this art had been common in Iranian plateau before famous Pazyryk carpet. About its historical background which is held in “Dimand” museum, Professor Rudenko believes that it has been woven in the time of old Medes and Parthians.

    Baharistan Rug

    One of the decorative rugs in the hall of the Sassanid empire is the famous Baharistan rug in Ctesiphon which was grabbed by Arabs in their attack to Iran. It is said that they tore it to pieces and each took a piece of booty.

    The warp and woof of Baharistan carpet was made of silk and gold thread that they put a gem on it and decorated it with gold and silver.Emeralds were used for green leaves of the tree and pearls were used for blossoms and flowers.

    Cracovie Carpet

    Half of this carpet is in Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris and the other half is in “Cracovie of Poland”.

    It’s one of the most beautiful carpets on which the design of garden, flower and trees, and animals are seen with a glorious pattern. It is probably woven in the sixteenth century and the size of that is 3.5 to 4 meters. This unique and beautiful carpet should have been kept in Iran Carpet Museum in integrity and without being parted.


    Sanguzesko Carpet

    This is one of the antique carpets which is kept in Carpet Museum. This is related to the tenth Lunar Hijri century and Safavid era. The design is triangle bergamot. The complementary craving is the hunting scenes, all of which is designed in miniature. The number of knots in this beautiful carpet is 40 ones in each 7 centimeter and the total size is 35 meters.

    Ploponez Carpet

    Seven Ploponez or Polish carpets are in Carpet Museum not. 300 pieces of Ploponez carpet have been recognized by researchers. These carpets have been woven by the order of a Polish prince in Kashan and Isfahan.

    Chelsea Carpet

    Chelsea carpet is of unique and pretty carpets in the world in its kind. It has been bought in the Kings street of Chelsea in London from a merchant. It is still in Victoria and Albert museum in London. Its warp and weft is made of silk and the lint is made ofwool, the knots are of Persian kind the amount of which is 7387 knot in square Decimeter. It has two complete bergamot and tow half bergamot. There are some hunting animals like deer and stag and some wild animals such as lion and leopard and also some mythical beasts like dragons among the trees and flowering branches.


    Sea Wave Carpet

    This rug is kept in the Museum of Viena. In the aspect of design and map it is different from other Iranian rugs. In the up and down parts of the very big bergamot the design of the ships and sailors is woven. Up to now 8 pieces of this carpet and other similar carpets have been recognized. It is woven by the order of Portuguese merchants.


    Toranj Carpet in the Animals Plot in Milan Museum

    The background of this carpet is red without any triangle and just bergamot in the middle. The design which is full of animals looks like Chelsea carpet. The warp and weft is made of silk and the lint is wool.

    The size of this carpet is 692 to 360 centimeter and there are 568800 knots in each square meter. There are some poems in the blue background which looks like a frame surrounding the red carpet.


    Ardebil Carpet (Sheikh Safi Carpet)

    This is one of the most beautiful carpets which is woven in the 13th year of the reign of Shah Tahmasb. The warp and weft are silk and the name of weaver and one of Hafez’s poems is seen in the upper part of the carpet which has donated a particular reputation to it.

    This carpet was bought by Zigler company that did carpet business in Iran from 1883 and took it out of Iran and then sold it to “Victoria and Albert Museum”.


    Jolgeh Carpet

    Jolgeh carpet has modern design. It is the product of the link between great decoration designer of the world and famous Kerman carpet masters which is woven by the artistic hands of villagers and nomads of Kerman.


    Hunting Ground Carpet of Poldi Pezzoli Museum of Italy

    This is the oldest dated Iranian carpet. Its Triangle design has bergamot and is great in artistic aspect. The background color is dark blue and the background of the triangle and bergamot and also the main margin is beautiful red color and the narrow margins are yellow.

    Torang Carpet and Garden Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris

    The size of this carpet is 3.5 to 4.1 meters and in fact it is a half-carpet and the other half is in the great church of Cracovie in Poland.The color of the margin is amethystine and the text is pea color and the bergamot is red.

    Carpet of Several Bergamots with Animals and Trees in Victoria and Albert Museum of London

    This carpet has silk warp and weft. The size of that is 5.49 to 3 meters and it has been preserved so good. There are two bergamots at the top and bottom of the carpet.

    The Carpet Full of Flowers and Animals, Museum of Arts and Crafts in Vienna

    It has silk warp and weft. The length of this carpet is 7.5 and the width of that is 3.20 meters. The text of that is dark red and the background is green. The narrow inner margin is golden yellow and the narrow outer margin is red. It has a pair carpet and the other one is in the USA.

    The Carpet with Several Bergamot and Flowers and Animals in Poldi Pezzoli museum

    The length of this carpet is 5.05 meter and the width of that is 2.4 meters.

    The waft and warp are silk. The color of the text is kind of light red and blue with flower and tiny leaves design.


    MS Rainy Ragers Carpets

    A pair of silk carpets with short lint and the background is golden yellow.


    Carpets of Second Shah Abbas’s Tomb in Qom

    These carpets have been transferred to Museum of Ancient Iran and are kept there. The text of this carpets is greenish turquoise with a very thin margin.


    Six Big Carpets in the Boston Museum Collection of Massachusetts in the USA

    In the late previous century, Iranian carpets came to the market of Boston.


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